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Anne Shulenberger - Sept 2009

Anne Shulenberger September 2009

Being creative is an important part of my identity; I have loved making things ever since I was a little girl. I firmly believe that all people have creativity inborn in them, but unfortunately it is often curtailed or stamped out entirely by the time they grow up. I also believe that being creative is what connects us with the higher power in the universe, whatever one chooses to call it (I usually refer to this higher power as God/Goddess/All That Is). When I am fully involved with making art I sometimes feel very strongly connected with that power and totally convinced that what I am doing – what I am creating – is one of the most important things in the world. It is a feeling of being part of a much bigger thing than just myself, a human being living in this particular time & place. This is the feeling that I strive for; it makes everything worthwhile for me and gives my work meaning. I hope to communicate this powerful feeling of connection to all those who are able to see (or hear) what I create.

In the early 90s I had two life-changing events happen within a year & a half: the death of my mother followed by my only child leaving home for college. That was when I rediscovered my passion for drawing, painting, sculpting and writing. As time went on I have also gotten involved with mixed media art, graphic design, jewelry design and jewelry making (I still love all of these media). And recently I started this blog about my art & my life, which I find both very challenging and quite rewarding.

Earlier this year I retired from a long and varied career in the book business. Now I am working on my on art full-time – both making and marketing it. I hope to be able to create a revenue stream which will enable me & my family to continue to live comfortably in the SF Bay Area. I would also like to be able to support some causes which I feel are important – specifically those which help people, both children and adults, to be able to enjoy creative work & play in their lives.

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Hey Anne, I just came by for a look-see by clicking on your link in my blog! Come see what I posted. M

Comment by madelincwolf

Dear Anne,

Your sharing of yourself and your creative works here is lovely and your belief in creativity aligned with the higher power is important to remember.

Best to you,

Comment by Lisa Greenstein

Hi Lisa,

Thanks so much for your response. It’s great to feel so connected this way, too!


Comment by Anne Shulenberger

Anne, do you post art-related events? I’m working with the Petaluma Arts and Equestrian Festival this year and your blog looks like a great fit for promoting it if you’re willing. Thanks!

Comment by Jessica Boyd

Hi Jessica –

Thanks for your interest. I just checked out the festival’s website and I think it looks great. I might want to participate as an artist/vendor, so can you send me information about that (cost, sign up procedure, etc)? And of course I might want to promote it – especially if I am involved in such a way.

Anne Shulenberger (email:

Comment by Anne Shulenberger

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